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Sleep Teacher - Is my child's sleep association affecting their sleep?

We understand how difficult sleep can be with a new baby so we have teamed up with Kristy Griffiths, The Sleep Teacher, to debunk some sleep training myths and offer her recommendations on sleep associations. Certified in infant and child sleep training and mother of 3 gorgeous girls, Kristy knows first hand how exhausting and debilitating sleep deprivation can be. The good news - she has been there before and is able to guide you through this overwhelming time. The Sleep Teacher offers comprehensive sleep training packages tailored to you and your families needs. She offers remote sleep training packages (over the phone or on Skype) as well as downloadable sleep routines to help you structure everything you need to perfect sleep training for your bubs. This month, we spoke to Kristy about sleep associations and her recommendations on what works best! Read on to find out her thoughts.tip
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What is a Sleep-Safe Environment?

If you’ve got a new bub on the way, you’ve probably researched every little thing you need for them from cots and cribs to bibs, beanies and bouncers! But did you know that your bub will spend up to 18 hours a day simply sleeping? Your bub's sleep environment plays a big part in how many z's they get per night as well as ensuring they are safe and comfortable. Read on for our top tips on sleep safety and how best to utilise your Silky Tots treasures.
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An Interview With Jess Dempsey From What Would Karl Do Blog

Jess Dempsey is the founder of successful Australian blog, What Would Karl Do. Over the past 8 years, her blog has grown to become a recognisable brand. Jess prides herself on uplifting and inspiring her loyal audience, who eagerly await each personal blog post she writes, like a journal. Her readers trust in her and rely on her to keep them up to date with the latest trends, honest motherhood experiences and products she recommends. Now a mother of three boys, we spoke to Jess about her life as a fashionable, busy mother and flourishing business owner!
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How To Care For Your Silk

So you've made the switch to silk, but now you're not sure how best to care for your new miracle workers? We've put together a tried and tested list of how best to care for your silk to help!
Silk is a wonderfully luxurious and amazing alternative to ordinary textiles like cotton or bamboo (click to learn more). Like wool and linen, Silk requires a more delicate cleaning regime than cotton or bamboo – one that requires special detergents and lower temperature wash cycles. However, if washing guidelines are followed, your silk products will last for years as the silk fibre is extremely strong while also remaining incredibly soft.
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An Interview with Steph Pase from Just Another Mummy Blog

In this issue of The Juggle, we talked to Steph Pase - the inspirational wonder woman behind Just Another Mummy Blog! Steph shares all things motherhood, fashion, interiors, health and most famously organisation on her blog and social pages - without sugar coating it! We wanted to find out a little more about how Steph juggles family life while running her own successful blog & business.
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